Neither Perfect Nor Complete

It is time to tidy up your life !
into your body has leaked this message,

No conscious actions, no broodings
Have brought the thought upon you.

It is time to take into account
What has gone and what has replaced it.

Living your life according to no plan.
The decisions are numerous and
The ways to go are one

You stand between trees this evening;
The cigarette in your cupped hand
Glows like a flower.

The drizzle falling seems
To wash away all ambition.

There are scattered through your life
Too many dreams to entirely gather

Through the soaked leaves, the soaked grass,
The earth-scents and distant noises

This one thought is re-occurring:
lt is time to take into account what has gone,

To cherish and replace it.
You learnt early enough that celebrations
Do not last forever.

So what use now the sorrows that mount up?
For love, is both present and gone
Neither perfect nor complete.

The Sounds of Waves

The oceans rolls happily you,
Naked enough at the bed
To be my archangel 
Playing with Possums in tropical waters

Keeping me spirited forever
Long before the morning sunrise
Long before stepping stones appear
Back to semi-consciousness

You then morph to an octopus
As sunlight hits my eyelids
As the poly-chlorinated byphenyl sea rolls out over
My muddled brain.

Searching for Bartók (translated)

for Bartók. Our paths meet in music – Bartóknak. Útjaink találkoznak zenében
which are interminable. – amelyek végeérhetetlenek.

Old trams counters the heartbeat – Régi villamosok egy ütemben dobognak a szívveréssel
outside my hotel – a szállodámon kívül
both are full of light – mindkettő csupa fény
late at night across the Liberty Bridge – késő este a Szabadság hídon keresztül
with the Danube in flood high on – a Duna vize magas
their pillars. – a lábaikon.

Two girls behind me – Két lány mögöttem
fuelled by love in the walkway – táplálva a szeretettől az úton
laughing in youth – ifjan nevetve
whilst I’m searching for – míg keresem
Béla Bartók that radical – Bartók Béla az a radikális
fundamental mixer – alapvetően felkavaró
fixing the past for the future – rögzítette a múltat a jövőért
tutor of the revolution – tanára a forradalomnak
rolling the renamed streets – ameny gördítette az átnevezett utcákat
scratching the free world. – belevájva a a szabad világba.

My heart is still in the past – A szívem még mindig a múltban
when the red star was ruby bright – amikor a vörös csillag rubint fényes volt
top of the parliament dome – a parlament kupola tetején
poor light river fog, man with an accordion – kevés fény a ködös folyón, férfi egy harmonikával
playing Magyar parasztdalok – Magyar parasztdalokat játszik
horses, hats, long coats contrast against the – lovak, kalapok, hosszú kabátok, háttérként
Central European darkness. – a Közép-európai sötétség.

The guard at the car-park has – Az őrnek a parkolóban
the red fire face of a drinker – vörös ar arca mint egy iszákosnak
and no knowledge of this land’s greatest son – és nincs tudomása Bartókról
I finally find him next to Solti – végül megtalálom Solti mellett
marked by a chisled bass clef – jelölve egy faragott basszus kulccsal
and overgrown with conifer – és benőtte a tűlevelű
there’s a fragment of a red star – van rajta egy töredéke egy vörös csillagnak
and no flowers. – és nincs virág.

With special thanks to Sara Vitrai for the Hungarian translation.

Diary: 23.03.2003

While troops moved in on
Bagdad last night, we sat
in a car and talked
till the moon quit the sky.

We turned from the suffering
the phlegmon of war,
forgot the children born
with cannons for brains,
bullets for food:
forgot the girls maimed
by the dribblings of nervous men,
the upholders of “right.”

As we kissed we ran
through a fantasy world
where streams bred fish
not to be caught but to swim,
where birds flew fearless
in the trees below the sun,
and lovers sang of love—
not in the past tense, a lament,
but in a now of permanent fruition.

Laughter is the religion of love:
and we laughed while the world crept
to the edge of its perch last night,
and we sang and we died with the dawn.