I’m afraid

I’m afraid of the dark

i’m afraid of giant machinery and sharks

I’m afraid of how easily Capitlism has become the effective tool of governance and social policy.

i’m afraid of friendly fire and planes as bombs and bombs from planes supported by gods whose followers could only be pathetic as their descriptions of their gods;

i’m afraid of diseases of the brain and having my life fall apart. But more than anything else I’m afraid [like Stockhausen?] of the great indifference that consumes our lives



me without you

is me without glue 

a process without due

a truth subdued

philosophies empty

artworks broken

brutal brittle bruised

me without you

On Days Like These (An Old Poem Updated)

I see lovers walking
Hand in hand
I see children playing in parks
I see elephants at the zoo
Hosing each other down

I see sexy fat men without shirts buying shorts
I see nuns smiling with mobile phones
I see old people on benches sliding palms over each others thighs

I see laundry laughing on clothes lines
waiting to be ironed
I see weeds refusing to be judged
no matter how hard
they are pulled at the roots

I see birds ignoring pecking orders
And marching to the front of queues demanding
And winning acceptance of their aspirations

I see defenceless long unpaid unemployed fighting back the tears and blows of austerity
whilst austerity refuses to start at the top

I see ever resilient scientists developing
a new polymer protective covering
as the ozone layer dissappears…
once and for all

I see a United Nations with short term memories calling progress
on the road map to peace,
whilst the unarmed are slaughtered by authorised security services

I see presidents without fear, fight back on fake news
as war planes, gunships and drones,
commence more retaliatory strikes against
the axes of evil.

I see orphaned babies who had forgotten how to cry learning at least how to smile
hoping somewhen someone will love them enough
To make again the tears flow.

I see changes coming like feathers in the wind
I see hell in a hand carts all lined up in shopping isles.
I see optimism and hope diminishing like the icecaps into the sea
I see me and my shoelaces are still undone.

The Heart’s Final Stillness

What do you think that your heart could everOpen into?
A clearing, as hot as the summer’s cauldron

calm, sky-bearing lake?
A declaration of love?

You envisage enjoying in it?

You may abandon rhyme,

You may retire to receding
Points of suspension and yet…

And yet there will always be
The perfect enclosure beyond

The dark forest mushrooms
The undertow of our longings

The heart’s final stillness.

Turner Sky

I dreamed I saw you in the reflection of the sunset, as the auburn red and gold began to light up the night. I knew then that the universe was kinder than I once believed.​

The Drunken Proletariat

There is so much to remember and what of it would matter

to a silent universe devoid of humans or sentient beings?

All the poetry, all the literature what is it for?

The universe is mute to our desires our ambitions

Just as all we amounts to nought in the universe

with each passing moment of our lives.


Every generation forgets and the next generation has to learn again

Teenagers are hard wired to ignore their parent advice

so why do we bother, why do we bother with social order,

with moral relativism or absolutism?


Their generation will ask if such a thing as good or evil in the universe exists?

What is the hunger in human being that there even be a God?

Why is he good, why do the right thing? Who will impose order when God is dead?

The minimally educated, the war dis-empowered, drunken proletariat

manipulated by riches of man’s regress, greed and ambition

that make us fight against that which will benefit all men.


As moral relativism collapses, moral absolutism collapses too

and chaos takes its place,

Resist…. children, resist: question thoroughly

deduce logically, induce imaginatively and compassionately.

When babies cry they cry for all of us

all of us burdened by this spiritual dis-ease

a disease ignored and replaced by the desperate attempt

to find the masses and to fit in – no matter the cost.


Yet we rue so sadly, we crave praise, and cover up blame,

all the time looking away from our rights and responsibilities

for personal freedoms, handling over our hard won privacy

to social media, its algorithms of money and the mind

for big brother who still keeps the watchful eye on us.


We settle for this psychological detention until the only choice left to us

is nothing more than competing brands in the supermarket isle

which are nothing more than warehouses of compliance

where we exchange consumer rights for citizen rights

We remain the drunken proletariats unable to rise up.