Early Morning Rain

A recording of ambient instrumentals, birdsong and waterfalls in Hope Valley, Derbyshire and the surrounding Peaks. On listening back I still find nature in music and music in nature, both are inseparable to me. It’s the rhythm of boulders and mountains, and it’s the song of the river. It’s the early morning rain.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

7 replies on “Early Morning Rain”

its wonderful Lee

Thank you for that this morning

I would love a collection of your music on CD. could you do that for me if its not too much trouble.

and the picture of you high in the peaks is great too…life embracing nature.

A CD? I’d be delighted to. Perhaps a sample of old and new…would that be alright?

The walk and the photos in the Peaks was full circle for me. I feel closet to nature there.

I had to listen twice as it seem to lull me within the quiet of the night
it is raining here and it was if both worlds blended where the music was outside in the wind within the trees here…
Beautiful Lee….I really enjoyed this one…
Take Care…You Matter….

It is a lull-aby… almost hypnotic… in the sense of being between two worlds. The running waterfalls evokes this timeless spirit I find in nature, which draws me into the Earth. I’m now working on more recent field recordings… a second piece from this might emerge.

I will impatiently wait…!
I am listening to it as I write….it feels like the Spirit within Nature….
even as i watch the sun rise, creating a mist from the cold warming up

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