Poetry 'n Prose

Black Sky Broke

black sky broke

rain it came lashing

with grief unyielding

recoiled to a fetal position,

sometimes that’s all

we can do.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

4 replies on “Black Sky Broke”

I don’t know if that has a definitive answer. I used to write when I was much younger. I used to write all the time. Then I stopped for the most part. I think I officially stopped when someone ripped up my journals and pictures. When I realized a lot of my teenage stuff was perceived as very dark. I essentially had my voice box squeezed…this blog is now the entirety of my writing outlet.

I would have liked to have seen your early writing and drawings. I believe the expression of our dark side is integral to ourselves is equally important to share. Contemporary culture and society doesn’t allow for much of the shadow-side. But the shadow-side can be revealing, once we make a commitment to think in a mythical way. And I sure you know this, poetry doesn’t have to always make sense. Life often doesn’t make sense and can be ambiguous. I often write and don’t have a clue what it ‘means’, only what it ‘does’, when writing in this way.

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