Poetry 'n Prose

Evolution Missed Home

“The revolution is here”, she said

assessing the uprising

I answered “If we lived long enough,

we’d see evolution at work,”

“well you’ve changed,” she said

So I lowered my book

and calmly pointed out

that even as it bobs in the amniotic sea

where lightning first spannered together

idle protein for a cause called Life,

Love is peering as oily waves lift it,

imagining landfall, limbs,

labouring up the untrodden strand

onto a a landmass new-touched by green

in search of oases and locusts

and courtship and other things

yet to resolve

She said, “we used to be so close

but you’ve let a gulf open up.”

Her tone didn’t rile me. I held back

explaining that when the jigsaw on continental plates was


just so, and all the curves and edges

had plucked together like lips,

Love was locked into Pangaea,

a perfect fit with everything else;

but hardened by earlier cycles of meeting, parting

faulting, rifts, it couldn’t stay comfortable,

worked itself free

from the Triassic heat and dust

to inch around the globe again

matching it’s curved margins against other continents,

chafing, colliding making mountains.

“Yesterday our love made the earth tremble,” she said

“it was bigger than anything. Now you say all that’s gone,”

Up till then I’d given ground, made allowances,

I said, “OK. This isn’t something new.

There’s scientific precedents you know.”

And as I was searching for simple descriptions of dinosaur


sudden extinction, the force of the movement

a mile wide meteorite met the earth

she was up and off, this time for good

closing the door with an almighty


By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

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