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War Poems Tribute

War Poems tribute is a commemorative exhibition of War Poems that features none of my paintings; as a mark of respect to the power of the author words. These poems speak for themselves and need no backdrop or colouration and cover the period from the 1st World War up to today with service men and women still on the front line in Afghanistan!

Dulce et Decorum Est  Wilfred Owen (1893-1918)
Thanks goes to Alexa Polidoro for gifting me with her critical analysis on this renowned 1st World War poem

Midnight Movie by Mike Subritzky
(Casino Barracks, 1974)

The Thirty Yard Dash by James Love
“I was that soldier. Coronation Point Falkland Islands 1982. Machine gunner’s from hidden trenches opened up on us. It happened like it say’s in the poem.”

Repatriation by Sgt Andy McFarlane.
Who is currently serving in Afghanistan.

Last Days of Love by Simon Carroll PhD
Written in February, 2003, in the run-up to the Invasion of Iraq.

Never Again! by Scott Michael Beer, 10-year-old boy.
It was read by the vicar of St Peters and Pauls (Grays) at the Remembrance Ceremony held on Tuesday 11 November 2008 with the Grays Thurrock Branch of the Royal British Legion.

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