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Falling (From the High Wire)

We watch as love is

tied to the falling trapeze

your hands only capable of holding

the cogs of your own knees

We have warmed our palms

on the sweat and the open-eyed love

that you let rise

like the snowy mountains

You know you’ll fall down

inevitable as the explosive tingle

of the letdown sneeze

You know you’ll fall down

when you look down

when it wears off

when you start to care

You know later

you’ll need more touching

than stars mesmerizing

in you hair

Come down come down

rooted to this chair

to limits of growth,

bedtime stories

and small things of home

Come down come down

before you fall down

because if you fall down

we’ll never dare step up again

above our footstools

Whilst you are up

our palms shiver

like the ultra-violet cups

of caverned mushrooms

When you’re down

we’re both morose

fetid sweat of fear and hope

smells the same,

it’s too close to call.

When you’re down

and you’re falling

never lose sight

of my promise to hold

out my hand.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

3 replies on “Falling (From the High Wire)”

When we’re falling there’s times when a hand is more than a promise and a promise is more than a hand…
Don’t know if it makes any sense, to me, the language of poetry surpasses logic.

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