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We’ll Try Again

Waiting 10 minutes; for the Ambulance to come

Seeing as it’s you laying there helpless

I’m desperate not to let you go

You have my undivided attention, confront me

no more, I know that without you here

I doubt anything can survive

You are the woman for all seasons, the garden

of earthly delights, first nesting in Spring

and Autumn’s last ray of hope

We’ve got work to do (you and I), so get up

and make me that promise, when we

get out of here… we’ll try again

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

15 replies on “We’ll Try Again”

Wow, I love this one. I love the simplicity and it’s really touching.
Is this about someone in particular or is it metaphorical again?

I’m wondering what this is about because the first two lines caught my attention. A couple of months ago a very close friend nearly died and I felt like the world was about to collapse as I was waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Those minutes seemed like an eternity.

Yes, what I meant was more on the lines of have you written this for your partner and something that happpened to her? (or him, not sure but think you are a guy)

True. I don’t know how recently this happened to you, but I’m guessing that since you posted this in November, it must be fairly recent. The shock of what happened still hasn’t gone away for me even after months.

Your guess re. guy is rightan my friends who read this suggest that I’m too much in touch with feminine side. They might be right but I don’t let that stop me feeling across the sexo-romantic-erotic divide..

What happened to him / her? How are dealing with what happened to your partner? Is it somethimg you are able to talk about?? If you’re like me then your not particularly good with talking about these things, maybe pictures can say more at times like these.

Nothing wrong with being in touch with your feminine side. I think that definitely adds to the quality of one’s writings.
As for your second comment- at that time he was a close friend, now he is my partner. It happened all of a sudden and was completely unexpected. It was a freak accident at his house and he had injured himself severely.
Yes, I’m not very good at expressing myself when it comes to such things either. It’s during such times that I write stories and through them express what’s going on in my mind indirectly. It has a healing effect and releases the stress and frustration that I feel when I can’t really talk about what I’m going through.
Yeah, a picture is worth a thousand words et al in such cases.
I’m guessing you are asking because this has happened to your partner recently? How did you, or rather, how do you cope with it, depending on what happened? Through writing poems?

Glad you found someone to love through your adversity. Its true writing requires frustration, pain and sometimes uncertainty of why we are here. I like the idea that you write songs because it an area i was hoping to arrive at after the blog had runs its course, after all this time I doubt it will ever runs it course. Going back to the uncertainty I see this as all I have to show for the 40 odd years I’ve been kicking the planet and when the time comes to leave something of myself behind I want the things I said, or attempted to say to remain as my epitaph… its not a gloomy outlook but I can see why it motivates other writers. I sense this underlies writing existentialists like Jean Paul Satre or Samuel Becketts, his plays are clearly about fait accompli.

Yeah, I agree with all you said. This blog is like a journal of your life. Did you write all of these poems and other things over the last two years, or does the blog contain older writings as well?
40 odd years…hmm, still many left, and many more words to write. =)
Found someone to love in adversity, yes. It’s not going to last for very long unfortunately because of the circumstances, but that’s life.
You didn’t say if this poem is about a girlfriend/wife? Guess it’s too personal. :/ I’m probably so curious about that because of how I relate to it.

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