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The Foundling

On the edge of sight

Just behind, sometimes

The corner of an eye

In a dream that was

Long ago lost

The sound of insect wings

In another room

In another house

In another continent.

And as we lay there

On the earthen floor

Naked, wet, arm outstretched

Caressing her naked body

In the midst of a battle,

Approaching near

To end our poem.

She then kissed me

Without fear

For comfort sake

Misbelieving I was about to cry

“Tender hearted

You’ll never die or grow old.

In me your soul

Will be forever home.”

And though I was not

Practiced in this believing

When she did, I did

Believe my soul

Was in her

Forever home.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

20 replies on “The Foundling”

I wrote this after a novel called At The Still Point by Mary Benson, it described the most beautiful imagery of Africa close to where I grew up as a child… I’ve long wanted to return and reunited myself with the land (which I metaphorically referred to as she).

Do you write?

I’ve tried more short stories, etc than poetry. Though hopefully now that I am reading lots of poems online these days, it’ll inspire me to try something again.

Are you thinking of publishing your stories? Do you write because you find it is cathartic and that it relates to chapters in your own life. Do you find character everywhere you go? Then stories, or plays write themselves, wouldn’t you say?

Hey I don’t know your name, darkness and mist sounds intriguing. Anyway dont let self deprecation get in the way of writing… Without wanting to sound like a ad for Nike: do it! Btw as a rule I only write and share of the basis of what is useful, to me…

No, I don’t want to get them published, besides I don’t think they are good enough to be published in any case. I generally just write for myself, though I share them with family and a couple of friends sometimes. Maybe I’ll put my stories and poems online on a blog one of these days. Some of them relate closely to my life, the other ones are completely unrelated.
I used to have a blog with a collection of poems that I loved, but I deleted it last year.
Do you share what you write here with your family and friends?
Yeah, darkness and mist from my email, haha. I got it from an incredibly beautiful painting that I saw online a couple of years back. Or rather, those are the words that came to my mind when I saw it. Speaking of names, how come you don’t have an about me page on the blog? There usually is one, so perhaps I missed it. It’s interesting to know more about the person when you read his or her writings.

You are right I seemed to have lost the “about me”. Everytime I meddle with layout something vanishes. I’ve put it back up now under the header.. Thank you for prompting me and do please forward me something that reflects your name sake. Feel like I might be missing out on something. More than usual :)

Yeah, just saw the about me is up on the main page now. I really like your layout by the way. I’ve always loved black backgrounds :p (I used to sometimes write in white on black paper; it looks so much more beautiful).
I used to post some of my work, not just poems and short stories, but also lyrics (I used to write songs and was in a band for a few years) and paintings on my Facebook page and on blogspot. I no longer have anything on there (deleted everything-foolish I know, but at that time it seemed right), though now that I’ve returned to Facebook I might put things up there :S. A friend of mine writes a lot and has been encouraging me to do so.
Is there any way of putting up pictures in the comment section? I suppose that feature isn’t available. I was thinking of putting up that painting on here, but first I must find it, lol. I think I’ve downloaded a thousand or so!

Speaking of which, are you on facebook? I plan to put up stuff on there so it would be easier to share it.

Lol, no not too forward of you. Though if you’re on FB I can add you there. If you’re comfortable with that of course.

I was but am closing down my account, lack of use and interest. Its has limited social networking, nowadays looking for find people though other internet forums.

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