Poetry 'n Prose

Somewhere In The Jungle

Tarzan is swinging to the rescue
With sex on his mind
Can’t wait to get home
And throw Jane into the river

He practices his vocabulary
Quick and easy to use with sensitivity
Suitable for any commanding
Demanding occasion

The jungle Lord stops
His ever growing (ego)advancements
And surveys his domain
Which is lacking a certain someone

There’s no sign of his mate,
Oh why is Jane still not home
Doing, as only she can.
Her “Jane like” things to him

Moments later, that seemed like years,
Our heroine Jane swaggers in
She’d been fighting for truth,
Justice and freedom for all women

Jane, his ever adaptive lover
Helps by standing in the door
Poised radiant from the back her hand
To her lovely mouth.

She, being the smart one, must
Make the first move; for he
Is struck in awe of her with eyes
Fixed wide with terror (though he pretends charm)

She kisses him and leads them
Both to the river, where (she allows him) to throw her in.
And that folks… is how it’s always been.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

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