Carpe Diem

The term Carpe Diem was first coined by lyric poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus (65 BC – 8 BC) in Odes Book I:

Dum loquimur, While we’re talking,

Fugerit invida aetas: Envious time is fleeing:

Carpe diem, pluck the day,

Quam minimum credula postero. Put no trust in the future.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

34 replies on “Carpe Diem”

Thanks so much for the encouragement, I don’t know how to play millions of scales, but I’ve come to learn how each note of music can cross boundaries and be something that can tap into the spirit of those around us. I guess it’s got something to do with early childhood experiences. Hope to see more on your blog some day :)

Yes there’s a few more piece, but it can take a long time as I am dreadfully slow and inept at the finishing process. I can tell from your artwork you aren’t having this problem :)

Thank you … I am painting quite a bit. I also have been playing some music using Garage Band. What program are you using to record your music?

Hello again :) I’m mostly using Audacity, mainly because I’m a self-confessed open source geek and its so simple that even I can use it.

I used Audacity in the past… I like GarageBand’s instruments and that is why I use it now. I played piano when I was a child but it is too difficult to find space for instruments. What do you play?

No … not in the immediate future … too many other things to do and I figure, there’s so much music out there, that’s so much more unique than mine that I’m probably better leaving them to float in the aether like unborn souls. I really liked that piece you did. It had a stark and quiet presence.

I agree that space is an premium. Then Prodi-keys came to my rescue as it offers a lot of versatility in a compact keyboard.
But its the guitar which is my instrument of love, I’ve been playing on and off since I was 12 years old. Now 30 years on I’m just starting to feel relaxed in my playing, Thanks to mindfulness training I’ve started slowing everything down to find what it is there. This process is there too in visual art, I think, what do you think?

Absolutely … especially in music mindfulness is everything … and the slowing down of everything done in life, and practiced development of an intuitive awareness of every action creates that mindfulness. And that explains the elegance in your playing. Wonderful to hear you say it.

Just curious, what’s the guitar you play, and the mic you used … what type. I loved the tone. I’ve got a Maton acoustic that goes everywhere I do. Cantankerous old thing … gets all clunky if I don’t play it. But when it’s in a good mood, it’s beautiful.

Well said Roger… Intuitive awareness is the key. I too have a Maton, its a old CW80 (a ’76 model) and it’s also cantankerous old thing but it has a gorgeous tone like no other, especially… when treated like a lady.
I’ve tuned it to EADF#BE and it offers a different harmonic playing experience (almost lute like)… as for the setup, I dont use any microphones these days, as ive have little luck in results in the past .i.e. popped to many many valves and eardrums… Instead I use a Fishman Rare Earth pickup through an old Roland Reverb effects unit through to vintage HH Electronics valve amp to add warmth and add a little tremelo warble to the bass end…

I’ve been looking at Reaper and it looks really good. How long have you been using this tool?

Amazing … just as you replied, I was on your Soundcloud site trying to figure out your tuning on my guitar, and it occurred to me how similar their tones were … sort of crystaline … so … you direct line the amp?

Regarding Reaper … I love it because it’s so quick and …that word again … intuitive. The other thing is, it uses common old VST effects, of which there are a million out there on the web. It’s a small installation file and their support is excellent.

Cons are, it uses a huge amount of hard drive space because it saves EVERY wave file you make, including the ones you deleted, and if the CPU gets too overloaded with effects and you haven’t remembered to save everything, it simply closes itself down.

But if you’ve got a powerful CPU and use a large allocated HD, it’s excellent.

Thanks Roger that’s useful to know. my PC is also of vintage age (and being a luddite I don’t mind), when I tried to stretch up to Cubase (for the VST add-ons), it didn’t agree with me, so I will hold on with Reaper for the next upgrade.

Can I just say how useful your blog Q&A discussions are too. I’m getting back into the the mindfullness movement after losing the thread and reading your e-book Love and Imagination has helped to point me in the right direction again.
Thank you from me.

Many blessings!

Ah you read Love & Imagination … strange book. Took me years to write it, and it haunts me still. Actually I was thinking the other night after talking with a friend who meditates, that losing the thread and finding it again seems to be a part of the process…. we speculated that perhaps it’s the way the mind works .. in a wave formation … another conversation … many blessings to you too.

I know it has taken a lot of time for me to reach where I am artistically. I had a lot of training when I was younger. Slowing down the process is key, as well as having patience, and allowing what’s inside to flow. My studio has also allowed me to grow artistically. I think it’s important to have a space where I can get into painting without interruption and to create a piece without anyone commenting until I am finished has brought out more of my style. If someone comes into the process, the work becomes a product of my vision and my interaction. Sometimes this can be good. Especially if the other person is inspiring. I have been inspired by others often. I’m finding the blog interaction to be a source of inspiration, too.

Absolutely… I’m finding the same in a lot of blogs I’m looking, like yours spur me on. Its a refreshing change from mainstream media. It seems for all lot of us that inspiration has more to do with dipping into the unknown territory (where it appears that artist are undergoing a transformation) than what I judged by it commercially viable alone.

I have been undergoing a transformation with my art during the last six months. I have slowed down my life to allow myself time and have found a peaceful place to express what’s inside… it’s almost as if I step aside and let it flow. I really appreciate that you have been inspired. I am actually sharing your song with my friend and she likes it (Carpe Diem). Loves it, she says… it is beautiful.

Yes actually I’m re-reading Love & Imagination … it offers insights on so many levels and takes me back to the 2 week vipassana retreat I undertook in Western Australia back in the early 90’s. I didn’t understand much back then but like you say meditation is often about losing, finding and re-threading the awareness gained. I guess it is a circle thing.

Re: the circle thing …Very much so … it’s so strange, as many days and weeks and months as I’ve spent meditating, one would think my progress might have been sort of linear … but every so often I’ll find myself repeating elementary mistakes, beginner mistakes I tell my students NOT to do … I’ll find myself blindly traveling that same road once again.

But I’ve given up wondering why … I’ve come to think mistakes sometimes have to be re-visited, not only in meditation, but in life, where I’ve found the same phenomenon …

So I also have concluded that it is as you said … we seem to progress in a kind of .. well, not circular pattern, but in the seeming circularity of a spiral pattern.

It’s all so very interesting the way the mind re-acquaints itself with awareness … very tentative at first, like two long lost friends meeting in a bar after a lifetime of estrangement …

Did you do the 2 week retreat with Goenka, or at Bodhinyana? I would have loved to work with Acharn Chah … I love his view, and his teachings are so clear.

Trish I can detect a transformation process resinating in every piece I’ve seen on your blog. Its not enough to just say they are beautiful (and they are) with rich pattern of interwoven colours they capture the attention but, at the same time, they allow me that space, to derive a sense of peacefulness and calm that i attributed to them. That’s the gift of your work.

That a lovely thing for your friend to say about Carpe Diem. It was originally a longer piece and then I realised I was in danger of turning into a cacophony of overlapping of guitar tracks. Instead I really wanted was to kiss it simple as possible. If I achieved that aim then I’m really happy to pull my finger out and post a few more…

Oh gosh my memory is so shocking these days, I couldn’t remember the his name so I looked it up online, only to find my teacher and the founder late Sayagyi U Ba Khin is no longer with us.
I remember his generosity in spirit. I remember how I once moved about in the meditation hall as I was being attack by a wasp. It eventually gave usp on me. I opened my eyes thinking I’d upset the group’s tranquillity only to find him smiling at me… There was such immense joy about the man. He later reminded me of our inter-connected with all things saying that “of course, things that irritate us have buddha nature too”…
I think I couldn’t have had a better starting point.

“interwoven colors” is a pretty good way to describe what I’m trying to accomplish with the “Water” and “Hills” paintings. I have a few that aren’t posted yet that probably show this better… I will post these soon.

Let me know when you have some new ones posted… I think the longer track could allow for a more meditative experience, so I’d say post a longer one!

I use the American spelling of color (colour) … it’s where I was schooled (-:

My word processing program’s spellcheck disagrees with me when I realise a different way to spell.

Oh spellcheckers… I have my trusty Oxford dictionary with me most the time I write. Its 20 years out of date mind you, but I’m not an contemporary or “modern” in my writing. I guess it doesnt matter.

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