For some reason I was reflecting upon Tagore’s poem Peace, My Heart…

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I’m curious about the materials and process you used for this work… It reminds me of the idea behind The Yellow Scale by Franz Kupka – although his is a self portrait – he was working with various shades of yellow – a brilliant color.

I don’t know of Franz Kupka but look into him from now on… errm let’s think this painting was done a few years back and if I recall right involved oil paints, micro photography and image processing – to add an extra depth and hue.
When I originally posted the piece accompanied a poem wrote dedicated to victorian writer Olive Schreiner, the yellow theme was symbolising hope; forgiveness and healing… anyway Olive’s writing, especially in allegory form, changed the way I thought about poetry and prose.

I hadn’t heard of Olive, so I looked her up. Very interesting life. Yellow is one of those colors that feels bright, happy, but is also challenging to paint with – at least with acrylic paint. I didn’t care for the actual picture – The Yellow Scale (it is a self portrait) but I liked the idea of trying to work with various shades of yellow. Hope and forgiveness – two themes that could use a color such as yellow.

I enjoyed the poem… I haven’t posted any of my poetry on my wordpress site, but I have one up on you tube at that includes photos from Italy. I have various poems posted on different sites but haven’t collected the links to them yet.

I agree yellow can be a stark colour contrasting to the mood. I suspect it to be a kind of therapy… Usually I tend to lean at blues and greens in most pieces I’ve done. Maybe its challenging the state we feel in the desire to affect the quality of our senses, which often goes by unnoticed. What do you say?

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