Poetry 'n Prose


Those who live arrested
an unfinished childhood
exist bereaved
their eyes downcast
their conversations distracted
though they learn
to satisfy acquaintance well
they may smile
for those approaching
with friendship or love in mind,

Come closer, closer
press your face against
a micron thick wall
unbreachable glaze
notice the invisible battle rage,
hear the muffled voice,
feel the bloodied fists
see the pain filled eyes,
see the trembling hand waiting

Come closer, closer
maybe you have the key
perhaps you are the key

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

15 replies on “Hello”

Some of the earlier write ups sound different from the more recent ones on this blog. Have they been written by different people?

I used to write with someone who inspired me, an awful lot. She wrote things that make me see differently;

I used to think of poetry as a conversation between the two of us and yes it influenced my early writing and it was, not for the want of a better word, amazing.

Interesting, especially since I’ve experienced something like that online with someone. That was a year ago, but was platonic in my case due to already being in a relationship!

Oh re my previous comment, seems I read your comment wrong. I thought you meant Grief Observed was a love poem for her.

By the way, this blog’s earliest entries date to early 2010 and you said your earliest writings were influenced by your fellow blogger, the one that I think you mean you wrote this one about. Is that when you started writing? Because the quality of your work suggests that you must have been writing for much longer than that?

My leaning towards poetry stared in a folk festival in Whitby 1999. I wrote and performed a piece called Any Kind You Like it was unashamedly poor taste about multi flavoured condoms. The rest they say history. My writing partner had a previous blog which started around the same time as mine. It ended in January 2011 and was deleted, i believe. then came her Renaissance of Spirit which also has stopped. I miss her writing more than she knows, but we parted on good terms,

So you’ve been writing for more than a decade now. It certainly shows in your work. What a way to start; writing about multi-flavoured condoms! I have been reading lyrics online all evening and the last one I read just before reading your comment was coincidentally about a one night stand, lol.
It’s always lovely to have someone to inspire you with such things. Writing partner? From what you said in your comment re this being almost a love poem, I was under the impression that it must be your partner in real life? That was just my guess though, considering the extent to which she has inspired you.
Why did you stop writing together? I do apologise if that’s too personal for you to answer; I suppose I do ask a lot of questions.

I never found out why she ended her writing, I think she wanted enlightenment to flow from her writing (and to me it did), whereas I was parading my ignorance, I wanted to spend many years longer knowing her. How do you get over finding such a talented heart and mind? She asked me to be her mentor, but in reality it was the other way round, of course. I missed the sparring just sorry she did NOT believe that it could last.

I wanted to say that by ‘different’ I didn’t in any way mean that the work is any worse than before. It most certainly is not. I really only meant different.

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