Take My Heart…

This week I have to go to my local health centre to pick up a prescription for myself. More importantly I am going to get an organ donor card. I carried one for a couple of years now but lost it. When I die and have no need for a heart, liver, kidneys, corneas et al, it will good if someone else can benefit from the use of my organs. I believe most people feel the same, especially if the proposed beneficiary is a relative and/or child. An opting in system gives more choice than an opting out one. One the other hand, many people who would happily take part don’t even know the system exists, or, with the best will in the world, fail to “get around to it”.

An opting out system would avoid this. It should be assumed that most people would wish to take part, and if not, opting out cards would be available for people who, for religious or other reasons, wished not to have their organs used when they have no further use for them. Opting out could be registered in your medical records or NHS digital records so that, in this computer age, a lost card would not matter and abuses of the system (“we couldn’t find his card so we assumed it was OK”)  could be minimalised. In the meantime, I shall get the opting in donor card, put it in my wallet, and try not to lose it again.

How to become a donor

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