Poetry 'n Prose

Ship To Shore

We are ship to shore
me a lighthouse
and you bobbing up and down,
back and forth
on the waves
you glide effortlessly,
exploring the depth of blue
zigzag over hot currents
coasting past coral reefs

I want to reel you in
though you need
no mooring, no anchor
instead you set off
your sudden impulse
to chart a course, to weather
and brave monsoons,
in search of the pearl
in your life.

we are ship to shore
but can’t you see?
the wind will cast you away
the ocean might swallow you
if I let go

we will become severed

your spirit
will be free.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

6 replies on “Ship To Shore”

And yours is a delight is to me, you’ve published a book is that right, I’d love to read a copy. It is available on line, or could I order one from Netherlands.

Thank you , Lee, for liking my writings
If you e-mail me ( you can use the contact form on my blog if you wish) your snail mail address, I will gladly put a free copy in the mail to you.

groetjes, Francina

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