Day and Night


The credit goes to my daughter for the idea and design.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

12 replies on “Day and Night”

Its funny you should say that, I had spend while trying to mix the images together, before a small quiet voice said, “let it be, it not up to you”… Thank you for confirming the power of the mind!!!

A great pleasure to see our next generation taking our passions into their hands and giving them a new look, brighter promise and a real chance at success (of the worldly kind). My blessings always with her!

Kind and lovely thoughts, so much appreciated, as parents we share this blessing. Sting said if you love someone set them free, I understand more each day what he meant and I do try ‘setting free’ each day as Isabel becomes her own unique self. Of course I’ll still be here for her whenever she needs her Dad tentatively in the wings.

With time and a little stepping back the joy is being a witness to it all. May you have this joy as you witness your son becoming a man as he goes though university. May it all be well.

Thank you for your kind wishes. He starts his 12th Class examinations on 1 March. It is a big deal here in the Indian education system… the result of this exam decides his admission in universities for undergrad courses. Fortunately, he is a conscientious child, and I’m not overly fussy about grades etc. I firmly believe life has a good plan for him and with time, the plan will unfold and carry him along.

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