Poetry 'n Prose

Precious Time

I make plasticine men
with the children
pull the string with them
and laugh as the
helicopter lifts,
and floats down

And with Dad I discuss
etymologies and
read about the Tour de France
from Harmsworth’s
and Chambers’

I am glad of occasions
to model the green and yellow
shapes in sticky hands,
and pick anemones
in glades of useless

He said once
“my mind to me
a kingdom is” and once
“a love of language
is a love of life.”

Now he says it’s hard
having lost the nimbleness
his mind had.
And it is. He still
has the power to find
a word like nimble.

“Merry Christmas, son”
shaking my hand
and grips it a while,
my life flowing
the little it still can
into his.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

5 replies on “Precious Time”

I’m delighted that Francina’s post directed me here to read your amazing poetry, and am now following you. I love the poignancy in your words here – beautiful poem. ~ Julie

Thanks Julie, I was really pleased, honoured in fact, that Francina recognised my work and wanted to share it with her friends. I look to her writing as mentor to my own. I hope the review reflected that feeling. Its how it is :) i look forward to reading some of your poems. Have a good christmas, lee

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