By The Waters Edge


In endless lapping
across the lake; a master
in haiku circles

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

20 replies on “By The Waters Edge”

Can I ask you what camera you use please. I am looking at upgrading as my interest in photography blossoms and I see pictures increasingly as a perfect partner with words…thank you

Hi Andrea my camera is a Pentax K100 super with a 18-55mm lens. Its quite old now, in term of pixels definition (6.0 megapixel) but it fine for what I do.

February was always the month I really felt the weight of winter when I lived in the north…I don’t have winter here. There’s a long autumn followed by spring. A little summer comes in the good years.

I miss thunder storms… it’s rare to have one here. I’ve heard thunder only a couple times in California during the last decade… a dark and stormy day is inspiring…

I know what you mean Trish, I used to spend week in the top end of Western Australia, freak storms would roll in from seemingly nowhere. You could literally feel the energy in the air before it broke. The roar and the rumble left me exhilarated. Being in awe of nature is where I feel closest to the world.

Before coming to California, I lived in Houston where it often rained in the afternoons. If the wind wasn’t blowing, I’d leave the door open to hear the storm pass. This last week, the rain was warm and smelled like the Pacific.

The ocean breeze and the smell of of the bush after rain is a great source for inspiration. I get a real buzz when I walk for miles and mile up mountain crags, its as though I’m searching for natures way, or as the Navajo Indians call, the Beauty Way, It’s a pervasive feeling of connecting with an old friend,

If you decide to head for Greece, I heartily recommend the quieter Island of Hydra, Trish it’s a wonderful recluse for artists to gather in all the elements… and draw inspiration from.

I will have to do some reading about Hydra… I thought going at the end of March and beginning of April would be a quieter time of year. I like to see a place without a lot of tourist… to feel the life there.

Hydra is definitely not one for tourist, more of a local secret for tranquillity and outstanding beauty. I was invited by a musician friend to stay a few weeks and so enchanted was I by the island I felt I could stay.

It was in the middle of Hyde park. I found them totally by chance walking through the open park lands. It was crowded with people but these Swan maintained an air of stillness around them…

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