Music Soundscapes

Northern Line

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

6 replies on “Northern Line”

It’s a recording from inside the carriage where millions of people commute on the line every day. I felt some inner desire to draw attention to the sounds from within the carriage. and relate this to subtle music as a form of meditation of life, in slow motion…

Umm…. it’s very modern and international in feel. Non-dusty, non-polluting, comfortable and well-maintained. It runs partly underground, partly above the ground. And it has really eased the surface traffic burden. It is a blessing for women and the elderly who must travel within the city and Delhi has such huge distances…. sometimes one spends more time in travel than at the destination. The bane of a big city… in a populous country… and yes, evening rush hour can see huge crowds using it to get back home.

So a country very much on the move, I have this vision of great social landscapes both restless and at peace with itself, emerging confidence and vibrant to a visitor like myself. What’s entices me the most is the prospect of travelling great distances…but it wouldn’t be by rail, though you have one of the greatest railways journeys of the world, it would be on a rickety old Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc. Hmmm, I must do this journey some day.

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