Poetry 'n Prose


Big Wave

And what’s become of us?
where we once stood
over the sea horizon
among those strands of pine;
the gull’s distant cry
to hush an inner story,
a grief painted on the scene

The scene is a good listener
chewing seaward clouds
once more, revealing
to a broad body and mind
intent on out-staring
this moment of loneliness
by gazing right into its face

I know I have to move on,
to not is just foolish tongue,
but loneliness is here to stay,
and I just can’t look away
so darling please cover my eyes
lay my head down on the sand
and when that big wave comes
I won’t fight it.


By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

4 replies on “Ashore”

Thank you, I guess loneliness isn’t always noticed in the silence, but occasionally it is… and that’s ok and to be expected. Some of it passes eventually.

That’s a nice visual for a moving piece. The scene is a good listener… very well said! It is a good listener also because it feels with you and reflects your own mood. The sun can be sad with you on your sad day…. But today, you have a good peace-filled day!

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