The Child Inside

The Child Inside was composed as a sequel to an earlier piece called Carpe Diem

14 thoughts on “The Child Inside

  1. Mesmerizing composition! Thank you. It’s a grey rainy morning here and this piece is completely in keeping with the mood. :)
    Stay well. Have a good weekend.

  2. Mood music, yes I thought it might change, or consolidate the states we are in. It seems more direct than poetry, but that might just be my limited understanding. I’m just exploring here.

    Many blessing and thank you once again.

  3. Ah, the creativity of the untaught and the unlearned… fresh and pure. Keep exploring and exercising your musical potential. :)

  4. :) the child inside is all these things you say, and it is in awe of the sunrise, the smell of rain, the laughter of Kookaburra’s… and I’ve been known to do an awesome impression.
    OK it’s not awesome, not no that :)

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