Poetry 'n Prose

Doing The Work

Who are you and
where and when, doing
the work, reading

the words, making
them work, between
life and death with

no death intervening
or from a life
through death into

life again, or from
a dead voice
to living ears or

from a living voice
to talk to the dead –
hey you out there

you thou, you thee
aren’t you the worker
of everyday miracles?

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

10 replies on “Doing The Work”

Everyday miracles…I am unsure if I am on the right post to reply but iPad navigation is not always easy-

We do have to do the work to create the miracles of life but perhaps with pleasure it certainly doesn’t feel like work. So there I am again: back to BEing and trusting in our daily life being just the way it is supposed to be today…no there’s a kinda miracle.

yes I’d say we working along the same lines here… everyday miracles for beginners? that about somes up my effort :) speaking of new beginnings,George Weaver has nudged me towards thinking of some kind of music-poetry collaboration. I’m open to that. Dont know what you think to it?


Actually I’m in the middle of recording a few acoustic tracks for a forthcoming release. They don’t suit lyrics as such, and believe me I tried, but they may suit your poetic form (like Sonorous), which was the breath of fresh air. Anyway I’m guided by instinct musically and I sense you are too, so if you like I could send one over to you…its your call, of course.

That’s sounds like something I would like to attempt at least.
And we can see where it goes creatively

Thank you. Andrea

Ok, I’ll try and finish the mastering off tomorrow and send it over attached to that address (now removed). It’s funny how music, being itself a gift, flourishes in that generous presence of arrivals, meetings and gift-givings of others… :)

A simple post, on the surface. But the message is powerful. And that is so like you :) Keep it simple… and potent. Have a splendid weekend!

Thank you!! Meenakshi, your comment is very appreciated, any emphasis on “spirituality” in poetry must find root in our lives, through critical commitment within, to and for both the past and future history of ‘all humanity’, and all nature.

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