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Unsung Serenades: a collaboration

For 18 months a recording called ‘Unsung Serenades’ had been sitting in my tray of unfinished compositions. It felt unfinished because it was unsung. As an instrumental it had soul, but the voice was missing. Once in a while I’d scratch the itch to write words, lyrics, prose to fit the piece, but nothing came. Still I didn’t want to let it go, determined that one day I’d find the voice and release this as a song. It never did.

About four weeks ago, a fellow blogger George Weaver suggested to a wordpress friend Andrea and myself that we undertook a collaboration with each other. We had already crossed paths in Sonorous (WiseJourneys) – The Child Within (67paintings). I was deeply impressed how Andrea’s poem reached the nuances of the music, captured the feeling of innocence and offered a new interpretation, inspiration for this piece. With this in mind I asked Andrea to take up a joint venture with music and word. I don’t mind admitting that it was with intrepidation, for I have not collaborated for many years. But the idea felt right, gut instincts often prove right. To my delight Andrea agreed.

Then came to difficult decision of choosing music to start this venture off. I went through some dozen instrumentals I have in the back catalogue and nothing seemed to jump out. Several cups of tea and a long walk later, I remembered the Unsung Serenade, my voiceless soul of a song. I sent it over knowing it was now in trusted hands. A week later came the finished song cycle:

Unsung Serenade

Breathing in the scent of your birth, I am complete.
Half moon fingers curl round my thumb.
Love beats in thrall at your seashell lobes: your perfect pimple nose
and Cupid blistered lips.
Cheeks fat with smiles: eyes keen and soft –

a gaze that fills me full.
You sing before you cry and make the world bigger.
a serenade of memories clothed in down.
I wear my cloak of motherhood stitched with Songs.
This is my comet trail of joy and pride.

Used with kind permission. See WiseJourney for more unique poetry, photography and mindful writings.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

16 replies on “Unsung Serenades: a collaboration”

Andrea’s amazing gift of words, leaves me sure that songs and poetry are a universal gift we all share… sometimes we need help to fully realise them

Thank you Lee. This is a generous and lovely post. I did one today also, though unable to download the music I have linked to your site for both music and words.

I’ve been trying to contact George too, in the way of thanks, but I haven’t been able to locate any email address on her two blogs. I’m hoping the link I made on the piece send her a notice of this collaboration. Do you have her address?

No I don’t sorry. I am sure she will check back in and read any further comments you make .

Lovely Lovely collaboration – Lee and Andrea. I love the music (it is echoing in my head) and Andrea’s verse is perfect. Great work!

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