Poetry 'n Prose

Snow Crested Mountains

Empty, emptied, alone
I filled my heart
With paper important
By the end of the day
Words slid
From my eyes
What was outside
Not daylight
Something larger at foot
Snow crested

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

9 replies on “Snow Crested Mountains”

√ét’s so glad can read your words again Lee. Hope you are in a perfect condition.
reading your works tomorrow, its too late now.

Love to you,

Good morning Mei,
We have a late spring but the earth has become re-vitalised again. I hope you are well and all is well in your family.

Much love

Indeed, now, more and more, I’m conscious of how little words can say. They merely serve as little flags on the track we wish the reader to walk with us… for the most part, silence must be the road, and the compass. Nothingness may be experienced, in a fulsome way, when the words and thoughts are gone – you are right!

Your thoughts reached mine…it goes back to what you’ve been saying about Fana (losing ‘me’ within a greater unity), and surrendering to the immediacy of living now…

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