Poetry 'n Prose

Light Beyond Light

Light beyond light
Law beyond laws
Stillness in flight
Pulse in a pause

Road of all roads
Love that is higher
Than all our modes
Of hope and desire

Show me the way
The inner eye shines
Both night and day
Between these lines

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

9 replies on “Light Beyond Light”

It is inspired by pervasive awareness of light, which comes in moments of uncertainty, and daily encounters with the black dog of depression. Like many others I am healing through wounds. The question is, how can we learn to accept this immense treasure of light inside us and use them for the benefit of all?

Thank you for coming along and sharing your journey. Yes perhaps there is seclusion in one sense and possibly universal too – in that others may relate too. I hope this is so.

sometimes it’s hard to comment on such words as these .. but I feel moved .

There is a light inside us which we search for when outside it is dark. I do too. It is part of my coping strategy when the dark dog calls as he did yesterday. Today I feel lightness around and within and also without. Perhaps the key is that we always look. When we do there is so often something to be seen.

Yes Andrea we must keep looking and our ‘seeing’ is a vital strategy. Above my depression, profound fear of sickness, losing my faculties, losing those nearest and dearest to me, I know the planet is full of love and joy. I know there is some fundamental warmth but I don’t feel it that often. Still, the grass grows, the sun shines even in cloudy England, the birds sing and lifts me up into the skies and takes me with them into vivid sunsets… the Amazon indians say this is nature’s cure.

i am increasingly seeing the power of nature’s cure. It is a wonderful thing and on grey days a life saver in it’s own way.
the fundamental warmth is much in evidence on wordpress: this I have found in the last year and it has surprised and uplifted me sometimes in moments of langour.
There is no limit to the love and joy in the world. It will always be there and in time your fears will I feel subside.
Today we could all do with a little more sun warmth but for now, wrap up warm and enjoy the love and warmth of your family at home. Andrea

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