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Take your time, enjoy it at your leisure,
Relish your hours, yet watch them pass away,
Or save time and relinquish every pleasure
In mourning for a morning or a day,
Or keep time and tap out its subtle measure
Dancing in rings until steps go astray –
Or give time and receive time’s finest treasure,
Vision of the stars and galaxies at play.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

6 replies on “Time”

Wise words, especially for those of us who think that we must always use our time judiciously. Somehow, we have come to think as time as something to be filled with every type of industry that can be measured, rather than enjoying it for exactly what it is – time. I especially like:

“Or keep time and tap out its subtle measure
Dancing in rings until steps go astray -“

Is there anything more meaningful than what we do with Time? I think Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot was trying to say, it is ‘what’ we do while we are here that defines the ‘why’ of our being here. I try to live that way.

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I have actually been thinking about this: Time and our ‘comfort’ with its character. We think we ‘know’ time in all its dimensions, we know how it ‘works’, its behavior, and so on. In all its predictability, time has an element of surprise, of wonder. Look carefully, sometimes, past walks in front of you hand in hand with the future, and sometimes present has been before.

It’s a beautiful layered piece that I can read over and over….

Some say time is like an arrow, to me its like a boomerang. When we throw our thoughts, words and actions they come invariable come back. Perhaps from a long time ago…
and there is deja-vu. When this happens to me I feel life is not as unpredictable as once believed, even within an ever-changing centre of things… thank you.

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