Art Dreams



I had a dream that life was every colour imagined, ever expanding and never finished.

I had a dream we carried on working into the void

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

12 replies on “Mosaic”

I’m pleased you were inspired. Mosaic, in this sense is seen in way of how we all engaged in art, everyone doing their bit, a collective achievement.

What captures me is the randomness of the colored areas an aerial map. The black is organized..strong but resonant with the rest. I guess you can tell I’m a fan of texture. ! Keep dreaming…

I too have been dreaming life…
In many colors, in many times…
working with pieces of many kinds…
this time, maybe, the mosaic will be stronger
and lighter, and its colors might sing –
so, let’s keep building!

Jana, I share your appreciation for colours and textures. The black represents the void, nothingness, emptiness… perhaps expressing my hope that we can cross the void in a metaphysical way.

when I died, I was in a place with colors incredible colors that I am still searching for in life today
your Shadows came close to one of them….
interesting art you create…has an energy of purpose…

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