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I dreamed there was darker spaces that had been untouched by human hands. Turning our attention to the shadows we heard the old man laughing.


By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

16 replies on “Shadows”

What was the old man laughing at?
The shadows are full of life. They contain that one factor that humans can never know about, and hence, can never factor into their ‘plans’ for the ‘future’… whatever that is!

Tell me more…

I have never painted. Yours fascinate me. How go you do them . App or freehand

I don’t know why the old man laughed, he just did but in a benevolent way… In the dream the sage revealed the places untouched by human hands. I feel as you do that the darkness can be integrated into light, or put another way the fabric or patterns of life depends on darkness.

I realise now this is what attracts me most to spirituality: the unknown, the mystery of being, a faith based on our sensing and intuition, and how we draw strength in seeing our shadows. Something creative can emerge from that I believe.

Freehand to begin with, then digitally altered to remove obvious delineation of identity, which habitual perceptions rely on.
In respect to what resource I use – everything and anything; ochre, oils, water paints, or foliage from the garden which gives nature her place in art.

This is my fourth visit to your post! Thank you for this inspiration! I celebrated my birthday this year with Shakespeare. There is something about laughter and aging that is all about spirituality. The miracle of being is the most joyous connection we have to the divine.

“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”
― William Shakespeare

In Sufi spiritual gatherings, lines of alternating white and black cloth are spread, to signify this play of light and dark and the fact of the whole comprising this fruitful, necessary interlinking of light and dark.
The dark is where our deeper instincts come forth and lead us to places we cannot see due to the veil of light.

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