Endless Soul

Endless soul, the very soul’s inner retreat
and nucleus, you still innermost space

that occupy no space yet light her face
in glance of recognition when we meet –

you, instant commonplace on way or street
as stone but quite untouchable in place

being her possessionless pure grace
and miracle – here, gone – too bittersweet

for being instantaneous, lacking name,
beginningless, unpassing, without end –

movement through leaves, sensed radiance
in all things, yet yourself always unseen –

in me be present yet and through me send
breath, spirit, ghost and ecstasy of flame.

5 thoughts on “Endless Soul

  1. Awake so early and such words too. I take with me today the thought of our endless souls

  2. I like the hmm. Kinda describes how I feel this fair morn’ . Time to walk it off me thinks

  3. It’s a prayer that I have been reading over and over…. and every time I read it, it gives me more. Thank you.

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