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Once in bed you said,
shall we be buried together.
I don’t want to die before you,
but couldn’t bear life without you.

And another time you said,
I’d like to curl up so tiny
you could carry me in your breast pocket,
Where I’d sit safe and warm listening to your heartbeat,
sometimes you’d take me out, stroke me gently and talk to me.

And I replied;
I love you from the deepest well of my soul
so deep inside me I carry you, that’s why I forget to tell you things
I seem to think you know all my thoughts already.

And placing my hand inside the breast pocket I said;
God, if you’re there,
in all your heavenly glory
and haven’t got your wires crossed,
or aren’t busy somewhere else, and would like rare praise from me,
though vain and insignificant,
do glance down here one moment;

Thank you for this angel
and for sharing her with me,
the gift of this giver
who continues to give
her own true self fully.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

11 replies on “Praise”

I wonder if it is as simple as acknowledgement…a few kind words. I find it is small things in life which have the power to move us most.
I hope the sun shines again today. Have a lovely be with your family Lee.

Completely agree, little things matter and shape our lives with tenderness now…

Into each day put one teaspoon of good spirits, dash of fun, pinch of folly and heap full of laughter!!

And the sun is shining, in the Lakes anyhow, hope you are enjoying the brighter colours of the garden.

Yes, only a rare love is like that – when you know the heart song intimately enough to know all its moods, sans words, sans melody – every time, unerringly accurate. To know the words, to know such love, is painful. But it is the only way to get through the minefield of life.

I feel we are truly fully alive when moments of sorrow and joy brings us closer to our lives, the places we overlooked, missed, or forgot was even there in the heart-song or the heart-shrine. It follows then the most natural response is saying thank you to the core of our being, each others being.

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