Fragments of a dream

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

8 replies on “Fragments of a dream”

This is inspiring…..
Yesterday I was paging through an old sketch book …scissors in hand freeing the tight lines regaining momentum.
I’m fascinated in your piece how the background in the middle moves to the foreground depending on how my eyes focus.
So much to look at….

Thanks Jana, I’m interested how each others work draws us to seeing things differently: a new light from old shadows. Anyway I look forward to seeing your sketchbook sometime.

Ah, this poem is like a waterfall washing over oneself… a pure breath of the dawn. And of course, it has to be a woman knitting and knotting destinies… detached and yet she undoes and re-does each stitch with love. She wants to be fair, and not burden anyone more than he can bear.

A re-occurring dream about sleeping under the stars, having all we need – the universe provides, (the clothes on our backs is only a metaphor) and perhaps all this relates to the memories I have of being outback in Australia, sleeping underneath the most intensely beautiful night sky…looking up in awe.

Wow! That must have been a memorable experience. Indeed, sleeping under the stars…. I imagine lying on the beach and then the tide comes in and tickles my toes….

I recall falling asleep underneath the star with a sense of complete and utter relaxation, then I was woken up by an Ox chewing at my ear (in a good way)… a perfect reminder perhaps to dreamy heads like me to stay firmly planted on the ground!!

I like the sound of lapping wave and your tickled toes experience… :)

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