Poetry 'n Prose

More Than Life

I saw you in the window
Haloed in the golden light
Like an angel on a medieval manuscript
Your eyes stopped me
In my aimless wandering
Like a hook; and I stared back
Hunching myself up against
the cafe wall,

I felt that shadow again rolling inside a hollow
Shape of human flesh,,
Repelled but unable to resist
As your life unrolled inside me
All that you were, will be, are now
Unravelled for me
In the exchange of our glance
Filling me with unwanted knowledge
Like so many times before…

I felt the pain pounding my skull,
Threatening to drown,
Or wash me away, into an infinity of nothingness
Like a spirit already unbound to earth
But you, you are hot glowing, pulsating veined
You are bursting with life blood, alive…
Now do you understand?
I need you more than life.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

2 replies on “More Than Life”

Beautifully framed words. Life is so much more than blood and breath… and how much more we need to live. To be mindful of every instant, every image and shadow, to touch every halo – is the way of living.

Take care!

Wonderfully put… I’ve become acutely aware of late how much life goes passed unnoticed. Mindful contemplation seems to be the key to coping not only with pain, but seeing nature, human nature too, that is intrinsic to life.

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