In The Arms Of Mercy

In the arms of mercy

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

21 replies on “In The Arms Of Mercy”

I remember taking a personality test that asked me which word I liked the most. One of the questions: Which do you prefer: Mercy or Justice.

I chose mercy. Thank you for sharing your painting. A wonderful artistic expression that defines the peace that comes when surrounded by mercy.

And ‘what a melting pot’! Amazing!
You may wish to glance at some poetry – sonnets actually that combine to form the story of the awakening of a spent nation at
And I am eager for your comments.

Saw a bit of your blog and love your world. Will return for more.

What an interesting test of personality. I, like you, would chose mercy… in a world that can so often be unjust… but maybe tender mercies and poetic justice can overlap in our hearts and minds… maybe I’m a dreamer.

Thank you so much for dropping by, and peeking inside the paintbox. I am keen to follow your Sonnets and the interrelated story of awakenings in India. Just wondering, does laughing penguins @ know of your blog?

Thank you for sharing,


Perhaps Laughing penguins knows. That’s a blog I follow but am not sure whether they follow me. Why?

I see MJ’s blog has a similar shared vision of Indian society, based on compassionate, equality and the ability of the art to elevate consciousness of its peoples. I’m following her closely in that journey and wondered if there were any mutual influences with yours….?.

Oh I see, no I don’t think so. We’ve connected over blogging distances. . .

The expression of mercy, or tenderness is one I feel most in moments of surrender. Surrender of self, of striving, of wanting – needing. It’s more a letting go, a collapsing and possible yielding into that which is here. I guess that in some way describes my practice of meditation, and the open way: a surrender to moments of mercy.

Quite beautifully expressed. the letting go. The simply being with what is..inside and out. a very peaceful place indeed. . . .i sense that

The mosaic is a great way to think of life – to live life. It gives a true sense of connectedness and disconnect, and of movement and stillness… of beauty and the transitory nature of everything we see and experience. :)

Its becoming a re-occuring theme, using fragmented pieces of old to make a new picture, a new vision of life. Which in turn re-awakens myself, to see all that which is couldn’t see before. And there’s plenty of that :)

Thank you so much Lee. Such beautiful words this morning. Perhaps we can do a collaboration again soon. Andrea

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