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Remembering You

I remember sitting back in my old paint splattered chair,
leaning for your other book,
not because your poems reflect that
lifetime, but because for a while you were more than
a part of it all as we viewed it

a time when kindness was all we knew
from the comfort of deck chairs in the garden.
and how brief it was
we held it soft and warm and welcome
the universe whispering the words to take
what comfort you can in colours
of an English summer.

The kisses we stole under the sycamore tree
as I wipe my palette clean it becomes clearer
this moment I retained,
with each
stroke of the brush, is this how life is defined?

Washing the brushes in a glass of muddy water
when drying the brush I notice how remembering you
is remembering the art of being
the hand and the brush
what remains is an unfinished
and still I miss you.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

8 replies on “Remembering You”

Missing those we love whether they are with us or not…is a natural thing and when we swim in our memories those feelings are intensified even more…yes…simply we miss when we love and that too is part of life

your beautiful painting seems haunting as I read it
each brush stroke draws up a memory as it lays down the colors of it
to the canvas….

( I liked the tree photograph and thoughts too)

Thank you for sharing that, your interpenetration is close to mine. I don’t think of myself as a poet, but a painter with words (or even a sculptor of sound) – for me it has become an emotional language previously untapped, and which on reflection has its own rewards. Thanks again.

Sorry I missed this comment (it ended up in my spam box somehow) Yes invariable life must move on, and memories they serve to reminds us of how far or how little we have moved. and yet memories also forms a greater path towards being thankful for what life has given us – a chance to love and be loved.

Has a certain catch 22 feel to it really but then that is often the case. I need a weekend of carefully bringing myself back to my core- what’s important starts with me. Have a lovely sunny sunshiny weekend Lee

You too Andrea, I feel this too, this going back to the core of the day, the moment of life when we notice the flowers, butterflies. Which reminds me – our next collaboration. I haven’t forgot about this. I’m planning the break the guitar out of it’s case this afternoon, under a shady tree or two. I’ll send you something when it arrives… all the best. Lee

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