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Two Lakes

We are like two lakes,
Joined, one above the other
Along the same timeless river.

When two lakes join together
They do not dry up
Or come to a rest,

One constantly draws
The other through
Self-replenishing grace

We are like two lakes,
Joined, one above the other
Along the same timeless river.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

10 replies on “Two Lakes”

Wonderful energy flowing as I read while listening to Brahms..Symphony 3/Poco Allegretto? hopefully the spelling is correct…
I like the thought of self-replenishing grace of constantly drawing the other through…
I like this !….

I was listening to your list last night, stayed up way to late, but as I ended my wandering, I listened to the Ambient Light III again..very meditating state I fall in
and I have no clue how to meditate, I had some tests ran once why I couldn’t get in the alpha state, I was told I live in it LOLs…
but I love the quiet energy in your music…(Thank you again)
Take Care…
( I thought I read something you wrote early this morning…but when I came on this afternoon it was gone..did I image it? sorry, having a senior-blonde day)

This is very beautifully articulated. Two lakes – waters that are still and deep and encompassing movement from within the depths.

Lakes – that don’t have the luxury of flying like rivers, yet they breathe with the oxygen the waters trapped long ago…

I love the images your poem brings to mind. Lovely to find in the morning!

Have a good peaceful week!

Lakes like this exist. I found two lakes in northern England, the Hayden and Ladybower, they flow into each other in a self-replenishing way. I’ve spent many a day walking around them discovering this feature. Taking a poetic license we may extend this to relationships – platonic and romantic. Hmmm ok… maybe I’m just feeling that way in sunshine and they way light reflects on the surface of the water…

I too stay up late listening in on a station BBC classic fm. I haven’t reach the point where I know anything about classical music, but like wines, I know what I like.

I like music that allows me the space to drift, drift towards infinity. I hear it birdsong, rippling waves, the wind through the leaves and occasionally I hear it in silence. Without motive, concept, or determination music of the earth pushes me out of my tiny shell (or ego) and into a wider universe. The universe is delightful and full of infinite possibilities. Its a good place to be.

And the earlier piece… I think it was a re-edit of an essay about wounded healers… follow on from other essays in a similar vein of learning and relinquishing my infinite ignorance.
Be in peace, always


You are right… when we allow a relationship, a person to touch our deepest soul, then it becomes a mutually reinforcing bond – a beautiful piece of embroidery.

You know I’m thinking of what is known as ‘shadow work’ in embroidery. We did a lot of that when we were girls. Threads moving back and forth in a flowery pattern on the back of the cloth, while the real pattern, on the right side, is outlined with this web on the reverse. :)

Shadow work sounds fascinating, is there any examples of this available anywhere? I’ve not seen any in the main galleries of London, but I may have missed it.

It is embroidery done on sheer fabric like organdy, for dresser doilies, for instance. That’s why you might have missed it. It is a pretty English thing… :)

I’m afraid I’m unable to paste an image of it here… WordPress won;t allow me to do it!

Yes it’s form seems to come from Elizabethan tapestry originally, but each culture transforms the style and purpose. I’ve seen French Russian tapestry which I adore. In my imagined renovated castle I’d have them all hanging on the walls.

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