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On Beauty

If beauty is a constancy of presence
That stays on song-like emanating from the earth’s core,

Then through its own transmissions
We will discover a singing quietness
Can it carry us towards renewal, a new life?

Then it is beauty, of the seventh sense,
Beyond words, outside transmission
Defying reasons, flouting definitions.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

15 replies on “On Beauty”

Don’t you think everything living recognizes beauty….in their own particular way of perceiving life…in an immediacy that has its own definition in the very perceiving of it…don’t need more than this … do we
….like your style….

the quiet of your thoughts have a melody in the background
which makes me like this verse even more….
“Then it is beauty, of the seventh sense,
Beyond words, outside transmission
Defying reasons, flouting definitions.”
fits framing the page as if a new chapter….
Beautiful ….
Take Care Lee….

You take the phrase beauty is in the eye of the beholder to a whole new level…serene

Serene reflections on beauty, it gives a richness to living to being that I cannot describe…but your photos and words exude it. So in this spirit beauty invokes that deeper sense of thankfulness, of being glad to be here. Our uniqueness and belonging.

I realised today, some hours later, that the part of me that defies reasons, flouts definitions, is the part of me that takes risks, that throw conditions aside, and dives into rock pools stark naked… but that isn’t beauty! :)

Your comment has loving-kindness to it. Thank you. To feel connected to all things in a soothing way, is difficult and, at the same time, a precious pearl… I am only just beginning to realise how precious it is. Thank you again.

unique beauty is as is
combined within a perpetual bliss
sealed with a cosmic kiss
what could be more beautiful than this
if not to take the random acts of living at risk….

not sure where that came from….ha ha….

I guess the heat and humidity is getting to me
as I make this mandala I dreamed about….

Hope you are having a good day ….
Take Care…

Likewise Jana, you’ve touch upon a reflection I’ve had for some time, but in need of crystalising.

If I understand what you are saying, then Beauty is of itself defined by the act of perceiving it… which suggests then that the quality of beauty is dependant of the quality of perception.

I agree too that perception is unique to everyone, perception is subjective, (I’ve found no evidence that humans are capable of objectivity) for we know it is influenced by our genes, neurones, hormones, parents, culture, beliefs…etc. So given that, I still have to trust my appallingly inadequate perception to tell me “this is beauty” :)

But, as I think you are pointing to, we are bound to become co-creators of Beauty. And not out of choice or benevolence, but out of necessity and survival, it’s inevitable to find or “make” beauty to mirror the quality of our thoughts, our feelings.

Perhaps this is how people fall in love, why beauty is beholden to lovers, why two people bond without really knowing the other…
except subjectively of course :)

Beauty is a sense (yes, the seventh sense as you say) that expands within me, that evolves within my brain and some part I have no name for. It is enshrined in a reflection of the real, and that reflection gets lighted up with its own colors and sparkles… that is when I have ‘sensed’ the beauty ‘from the core of the earth’.

Beautiful words Lee… they awaken me to the real meaning of the universe.

You’ve expressed this in such an eloquent and real way.

Though I feel I’ve just begun to appreciate the journey of the Sufi poet / painter, it is they who have devoted themselves to the seventh sense.

And it is you who has guided me, pointed me, towards the sparkle that’s there to be witnessed, in all its beauty.

A mandala! Sounds intriguing… is this mandala, as in a wheel of life mandala? I like the intricacies of the wheel. Tibetan monks do some amazing mandalas, I get lost in them for hours.

So, here’s the thing I truly believe: knowledge or understanding can only be received.

Thank you for helping me receive the depth of knowledge from the world around me.

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