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Who’s Got The Keys?

About the time I settle in to write
Edward pokes his head into the room
suggesting we should run and play
he’s right, of course,
and we’re all in need a good holiday,
somewhere to break out
of the steamy traffic,
the endless procession of road rage,
and rubberneckers

My compass points north to the highlands,
cooler climes
but his points south to the beach,
that would be coastal fun
that would define the new infinity,
that place like Devon
and living on the farm
defines our favourite place,

Does his heart linger on the past,
the past that refuses to let go?
does his heart suffers sunshine as well as rain?
does it gathers pain and saves it,
does he leave off saving rainbows
in favour of the cloudy day?
or waste time in cataloguing joys
while enjoying it?

Of course not, Edward hails sun burnt days
his totem is tall ice creams and chocolatey sauce,
he wraps his hands in sandy bays
throwing himself whole into the waters of life,
his world is a playground
finding adventure in every tree and grassy knoll,
he chases butterflies, carefree,
out of sight
and teases his sister in tag with acrobatic skills,
and then laughs, infectiously,

‘Come on Dad, I’m waiting… let’s go!’
‘OK, I’m with you… who’s got the keys?’

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

7 replies on “Who’s Got The Keys?”

Priceless! What would you do without Edward and his rainbow chasing ways… what would we all do without our children to anchor our hearts in this flawed world and its flawed ways…!?

Hugs to Edward… you both!

:) Our special days are days shared then… and I can only relate to your Clanmother questions:

Have you thought about journaling?

How many people quote you?

How are you making your life a best seller?

Here lays an excellent philosophy.

children look through eyes of love, sharing what their hearts whisper to them
This such a beautiful way for a dad to express through the eyes of his heart
what he feels in those whispers
Take Care..

The world is our playground…and if you are away with your children Lee…well what better than that. Have a fabulous time chasing butterflies.

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