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Ship to Shore

We are ship to shore
me a lighthouse
and you bobbing up and down,
back and forth
on the waves
you glide effortlessly,
exploring the depth of blue
zigzag over hot currents
coasting past coral reefs

I want to reel you in
though you need no mooring,
no anchor
instead you set off
your sudden impulse
to chart a course, to weather
and brave monsoons,
in search of the pearl
in your life.

We are ship to shore
but can’t you see?
if I let go
the wind will cast you away
the ocean might swallow you whole
we will become severed
your spirit will be free

I would wish for you the world
if it were good enough for you,
and each morning blue sky
hanging out there clear as crystal
I’d reel in for you
and by doing so,
make it real.

from a forthcoming collection, The Sea of Dreams – Vol. 2

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

12 replies on “Ship to Shore”

“The Dreams of the Sea”?
I look forward to reading….

wonders of the sea you have brought to surface
I thought of the ever illusive mermaid as I read this
as love seems to be fleeting like the spirit of one….
even in a haunting yearning your words seem to rest on
waves of emotions, meanings slightly unguarded, just
enough to make me/us want more….

subtle in the soft beauty of your thoughts Lee….
Take Care

maybe mermaids are really the spirits we breathe life into when we dream
of the sea and unicorns are of the earth?
I only know geometry in my quilting, but this is a beautiful design of spirit in your words and hers…

Geometry and geography are sometimes entwined. Sometimes we lose shape and spirit of place in our lives. This is the start of the challenge, a great opportunity to rediscover our ‘original face’ as Basho described.

And love…
love is king
of every thing.

and love…
love is queen
the essence of being

entwined of thoughts
and hearts
are they not

Thank you Andrea, it’s a poem about my daughter Isabel, seeing her from the shoreline as she swims out into the waves, I stand on tiptoes, holding my breath, instinctively I want to reel her back in. It’s a struggle for me learning to let go with her, trusting my daughter to swim without me. So it’s a love poem this about bond, this invisible cord between us, and ultimate letting go.

To this day when I see my grown children enter the oceans waves I hol my breath quietly inside until they return to shore. The eternal bond of parent and child.

Indeed, the holding on, and then letting the grip go, little by little is a shared path of parenting. I don’t know if it’s getting easier as time goes on. Probably not. There’s a great quote…with unfailing kindness, your life always presents what you need to learn. Whether you stay home or work in an office or whatever, the next teacher is going to pop right up – Charlotte Joko Beck

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