Mosaic II

Mosaic II

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

9 replies on “Mosaic II”

I sometimes wonder when we are laying in bed
if our auras can be seen….not asleep but not so awake
as we transcend into the world of dreams, caught in the ether
if i were to, I think it would be the emotions in the pieces of color..
Beautiful art Lee…
Take Care…

Again I drew inspiration from our dream. I came across mosaic art in the British Museum. The Aztec and Mixtec civilisation practised these forms. I was engrossed in these exquisite artifacts and the stories / myths that went them.

I feel the same, that these dreams, or moments in between worlds, reflect the way the ancient people lived, loved and prayed. I sense that we touchstone with our ancestors, their traditional wisdom and knowledge of life. The older I become the more I feel it matter to find our collective roots.

And going back to mosaic thoughts, the museum curator said the piece was fortunate to have survived at the back of the tomb, for it was imperfect and normally discarded. Therefore each blemish added a certain value of quirkiness.

This to me is strange, the pieces I saw were indelibly stamped with the human heart. I draw great comfort from the apparent defects in each relic, to me they revealed originality and beauty. I think of the notion of ‘perfection’ as an quirky view.

To me it’s an untested view of what ancient people believed in perfection in the aztec world, precision possible, more a devotion to their spirit world, and went through great pains in creating something that replicated that world.

As I walked out of the exhibition, it struck me then was that perfection is nothing but an illusion, a fabrication of an ideal, that doesn’t actually exist, except in those who add a distance to the relationship betweens themselves and the piece.

These so-called blemishes is where the relationship begins to unravel. It is the imperfections and blemishes makes each piece unique, approachable and real.

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