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The Inner Smile

Inner smile (by Andrea Wicks)

I wait for you in August.
I long to see your powdered wings, enrapt at every speck and streak.
Blow into my garden admiral, where I can see you

on parade in all your finery.
Bent low with blooms, your butterfly bush erupts.
Some weed it out. Not me. I planted it for you.

Can it be heard: the sound of cocoons
drying and splitting. Paper wings unfurling.
Tentative first flight.

One ear in the grass, I listen.
My nose touching blades and stems.
Painted shadows sway and lengthen – as day tilts west,

I see you on my finger tip.
Wide eyes hold on to this moment, stitched in my summer memory,
caught between each note.

I loved each line, it flowed like the sea and it gives a whole new nuance to the instrumental. It no longer feels like my solo doodling, it now has become a duet. I’m finding it near impossible to overstate how good it feels. It feels good!!

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19 replies on “The Inner Smile”

It’s an indescribable joy to create with someone else who shares a vision in the wonder of nature and our relationship to it… constant source of inspiration to tap into.

Yes it is…I have lAways loved nature but the past 12 months have brought me closer to it and a childlike way perhaps and seeing the world as If for the first time like a child is a pillar of mindfulness ….so I am doing ok and that too is uplifting

Reblogged this on wisejourney and commented:
Once more it was a privilege to collaborate creatively with Lee at

I hope you like the result and that you find our joints efforts as soothing and calming as I did. Andrea

Dear Andrea, it always brings a smile to me just to be involved in our collaborations. Thank you for your gift of music in words, and words in music. Both ways brings a sense of being lifted.

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