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Following this post, I received a wonderful poem from Mary Yaus, who wrote these lines:

Round and round she goes
thinking about,
nobody but she knows
but have no doubt
it is deep within her heart
radiating into her soul
holding on to life
with gentle hands
feeling vibrational bands
she looks deep into the eyes
reflecting of all her tomorrows
you can almost here her sigh
through thoughts in contemplations
not sorrows
round and round the carousel takes her
dreaming into the silence of words
waiting for her thoughts to be heard
she’ll grab the brass ring
and her heart will open and sing
letting the world see the grace she shall bring

Thank you Mary for adding your own wonderful contribution.

Lee and Isabel.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

4 replies on “Carousel”

your music reminiscing of memories long ago
Beautiful as it flows in a circle as the carousel does….the word wistful comes to mind
I make carousel horses…fabric ones…they come riding in dreams for me to bring
to life sort of…
as always..I love the music and where it takes me
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend…
Take Care…

Thanks for sharing you thoughts.
Isabel’s smile creates the movement of this piece. Her happiness takes me back to a time of childhood, innocence and laughter. And yet I don’t feel nostalgic, they were days of dreams to come…

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