Haiku Life

We are all haiku –
Only here for seventeen
Syllables, three lines.

5 thoughts on “Haiku Life

  1. you just explained what I have never been able to grasp about Haiku!
    (though it will evaporate as soon as I click post …)

    I have been trying for a long while to write in its style? but just doesn’t make sense to me…maybe because I ramble in my thoughts I pen…

    Wonderful…I like this!
    Take Care…

  2. A wonderful comment. I’m glad it resonated something inside you. I feel you words express a truth in me, that when we try to grasp a meaning it very soon evaporates. Meaning permeates in the letting go. Similarly Haiku, to me, doesn’t have to make literal sense. At best it is a sensual form of poetry and works on pre-intellectual awareness. In other words, I don’t “get” Haiku, Haiku “gets” me. :)

  3. Oh and I forgot to mention that Haiku seems to be intrinsically linked to a Japanese philosophy called Wabi- Sabi. Have you heard of this term? To me it’s a spiritual recognition of, and relationship to, the world in its imperfect and impermanent state. It’s the world as it is.
    Have a great day.

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