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Oh Beloved!

Oh beloved! In a future already made perfect,
whose grammar of hope or longing belongs to the present tense,
yet which is not of this time, but presence rendered eternal,
on the threshold of timelessness, in the un-sayable margin of death,

Oh beloved! At that instant when we approach
inexorable completion,
and the absolute purity of final, unfettered silence,
I see you standing there before me.

And on that day when all darkness is shedded,
folding in upon itself and closing like a book,
which no longer contains me, or my name,
or my aspirations, or my poems,

You reveal me-are revealing/ have-revealed / will-reveal/
will-have-revealed / will-have-been-revealing all mysteries unknown.
unknotting all threads, clarifying all confusions.

In the universal grammar of hope you are my true faith
In the yawning of this aeon,
I scry you through the evening light aslant over our hillsides.
among primroses and daffodils marshalled in suburban gardens,

Oh beloved! I hunger for the touch of your eyes kind
and your warm body upon me.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

3 replies on “Oh Beloved!”

In a perfect future, there are no distances between people who love; there is no sigh-sized gap between longing and hope… in a perfect future, love just carries on beyond the last bend…

Your poem here has a cadence and flair that can only spring from the deepest core…

Take care! God bless you!

Oh beloved came from a longer meditation about those who have taught me to love unreservedly, in the past, in the here and now – and in terms of the faith I have – in a time to come when we will be but ‘flames in the eternal sun’.

So a meditation on the dance, the universe and enduring love, and all before making lumpy porridge for breakfast :)

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