Edge of Darkness

The Edge of Darkness

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

4 replies on “Edge of Darkness”

The medium used starts with photography, in this case it was broken pieces of glass on the road… I find disused remnants of discarded materials makes for interesting photography….

Anyway then its worked on with digital effects, here I introduce different contrasting and colouring to create tones and shadows to form a depth of field that goes beyond the initial glance, because I want the viewer to find there own ‘Edge’….

I love the colors….
its as if I am standing on the boardwalk that with one step further I would be in the Milky Way….the edge of infinity…
Beautiful Lee…
I am always picking up someones discarded throw-aways…someone told me once I collect broken things…I guess I do….
I am sure there is a psychological reason in there somewhere….but I like to think all things have beauty if put in the right space…
Take Care…)0(

That’s exactly it! Yes like beachcombers we both collect the disowned and bring them into a new place, for we see some kind of ‘quality’ in a rough piece of wood, glass, iron and stone. By nature these raw materials give us all a we need to sculpt / paint… we just complete the process by our observation, and intention (or rather non-intention)… then we see wabi sabi at work: non-permanence and imperfection unfolding together. At the same time there is wholeness and there is love in the detail, each knot in the wood, splinter of glass, each dried petal…

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