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Harp Music (Reprise)

Dipping your fingers through the currents,
water whispers in the cave of your ear
Hollowed down to low strings of the heart

With your small hands you lift the sculpted waves
Of the ocean to your cheek – smooth as olive skin.

You close your eyes, listen to the heart beat
Of the sea, a sound you will remember
When loss gathers your breath and holds it.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

4 replies on “Harp Music (Reprise)”

shells we gather hold those breaths for us…along with memories
I can just see a small girl, hair in braids sitting on a beach
with the waves covering her feet…she surely hears the oceans heartbeat..
yes..beautiful …
Take Care…

Originally the poem was written last year, at a time of grieving the loss of friend. I didn’t know how to say goodbye, so I wrote Harp Music in honour of her timeless melody:

You close your eyes
Listen to the heartbeat
Of the sea, a distant sound
You will remember when
Loss gathers your breath
And held it in one place.

With your small hands
You lift the sculpted song
Of the ocean to your cheek
Smooth water whispers
Her timeless melody
And longing in your ear.

That realm is, to me, everlasting.

My friend, Jennie had a learning disability and an infectious laugh. She had a gentle spirit and boundless wisdom in her laughter. During one meeting she told me that she heard music in the waves. After she died I went to coast and dipped my fingers in the water, I could hear her laughter emanating from the sea .

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