Poetry 'n Prose

Venetian Blinds

When you open the blinds inside me
Your love opens me, gradually
And suddenly
Into a new dimension of understanding
And from this understanding we’ll emerge
From the rave,
With our senses heightened
Inside, a surge of power
And lightness will come!
In a sea of loving faces
Loud trumpets, angels
Psychedelic clouds
We’ll spread urgent our wing like arms
And fly.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

8 replies on “Venetian Blinds”

… and flying, touch the stars that shimmer on eternity’s palm… I loved the earlier version of this… mostly because, it is the thought in my mind this morning.

Stay in peace!

The earlier version was simply a ‘draft’ to express how rare and wonderful love is, in as much that two people find each other. It is a million to one, thus we carry on, carrying on, until we get it right…

And although my flow stopped short of any destination; your words, your insight gracefully provides one. Shimmering on eternity’s palm! I came to tears with that.

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