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Each and Every Step

A gentle old man walks beyond us
we can hardly see him

Frail as a leaf now, he is our aspiration
of unfinished horizons

And in turn we look for him in search
of youth that’s fading

See how the sky widens out to touch us,
where our footprints subside

His eyes were are warm, strong and kind
provoking a longer reflection

His words linger with the winter sun
as it sets on our backs

A cold wind has been blowing for weeks
all we can do is bend,

Stooped to the contours of loss,
how unsteadily we adjust

To the grief that follows us
until we see him once more.


for Nelson Mandela

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

12 replies on “Each and Every Step”

I asked my daughter what Mandela meant to her, she replied “He stood for equality for all people”.
I nodded and asked “anything else?”
She thought more. “when you can’t find a way, make a way”

a wonderful tribute….
one of the last truly good ones has gone home….
makes me wander whats coming….

Mandela gave others hope. And it’s with hope that we could have a critical mass of resistance against those who invest in inhumanity. My dream is that more men like Mandela and women, like Aung San Suu Kyi will come forth and inspire others to see humanity at the centre of the wheel.

what a wonderful thought
humans at the center of a circle, arms stretching to help..give instead of taking
reaching to everyone regardless of any differences…
the wheel would be humans evolving within their true state of humanity…
(not sure that one makes sense but it does in my mind…
Wheel of Seasons…entwining within Wheel of Humanity….
I will have to look up Aung Suu Kyi, I have never heard of her….but I am sure I will enjoy her energy as I learn about her…Thank you for another branch to wander on…
Take care…Stay Warm!

It makes total sense. I like how you connect thoughts together and weave into them a deeper understanding. The wheel of seasons is evolving within us and in turn supports the wheel of our true humanity. As I enter the autumn years of my life I recognise why life ages us with nature, I feel, it is to find acceptance of our own nature and to ‘let go’ more like the falling leaves. Whenever I sit in meditation it is like becoming the leaf and watching this acceptance happen, breath by breath.

Thank you for deepening this understanding.

I like how you describe Autumn years…I am in between it and Winter…
the Crone is a great place to be….

your comment back gives me wonderful images tonight!
and thoughts whispering to go along…
Thank you…
(and you are very welcome..)

I confess that for most part of my working life I’ve felt strongly connected and drawn towards the feminine power within shamanism (I wrote about this in an earlier essay about survivors of the mental health system). Anyway female shamans offers us ancient healing – spiritual pathways, and at the heart, or kernel of this is Crone wisdom.

Crone wisdom is, as Jean Shinoda Bolen calls it: juicy, purposeful and awakened, giving insights that can be profoundly helpful to all women and men (if they can change). For me Crone wisdom is akin to many aspects of the Tao Te Ching, in that it is reflective ‘in the moment’ with joy and thanksgiving.

there is a centre in England that explores female shamanism further

I had not thought of the Crone energy like that, I like your thoughts…
most days I forget time and just be….I am always amazed when I realize the sun is setting and the moon is rising…
when one realizes the feminine energy, I always wonder if they feel the strength
for it is more strength then masculine…( I think)

Thank you for the link, I will check it out….
Hope all is well in your world…
Take Care…You Matter…

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