The Song of the Stars

for all the drifters and dreamers out there. . .

6 thoughts on “The Song of the Stars

  1. I played this piece on repeat while meditating this evening (after a very long time). It calmed me down and I’m feeling quite relaxed now.
    It’s the kind of piece I’d like to listen to after waking up in the morning.

  2. high on a mountain top
    where we see life doesn’t stop
    I pictured you directing music from the stars
    as a maestro of the orchestra from afar

    okay I will not bore you with rhymes..
    what a great piece…closing my eyes ..just listening, I
    drifted among the stars…you have captured their music perfectly
    to me

    Hope you had a wonderful New Year….and your wishes will Be..
    Take care…You Matter…

  3. The sounds came from a place long ago, sleeping under the stars and waking to a canopy of light. It was the middle of the Australian outback and the heavens were open, on a campsite bed, looking up dreaming and drifting. Nothing else seemed to matter. Merely an observer, years later the sound of those stars, I head in my head, still overwhelm me.

  4. what a wonderful experience….
    I can just image how loud that stillness would be echoing

  5. You’re right. Stillness does echo, in a unerring awe of the beginnings of the universe, followed by a concert of lights that transcends anything our minds can dream of. But let us of dream of these lights anyway…

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