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With no longer any time
to notice the snowdrops or daffodils
the laughter of a small child
the spring coming
with a cascade of birdsong,
its usual ordinary miracles –
there aren’t enough hours in the day
although the nights are hollow with loneliness, still

we rushing around
like some demented bumble bee
from meeting to meeting
person to person –
feeding those fragmented illusions of importance
when no-one will recall who we are
less than five years after our death,
exhausted, but proud
in our busyness

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

10 replies on “Busyness”

Most people I know seem unhappy, tired, dissatisfied and lonely, despite being, in their own own words and those of others, successful.
What is the point of being an ‘achiever’ if you are still not fulfilled?

This is a vast look for your lovely words. And believe me when I say that yesterday, Friday, these were exactly my thoughts, though not so elegantly expressed.
Indeed, we love to be busy, to track our busyness, to express our busyness in so many different ways… it’s actually distressing. But, perhaps, the busy people have a secret we are not privy to. :)

more soon….

I don’t see you that way….
but I agree with it where the majority of the masses are concerned
your words ring true….

This comment makes me recall Fromm one wrote about meditation and productivity in his classic ‘The Art of Loving’. We are at our most productive in a meditative state. Not that it is the purpose of meditation (is to be productive), more a by-product. And productive in terms of forming ‘skillful’ relationships towards ourselves and others. So in answer to your point, I think that this may be a key to happiness, beyond success. What do you think?

Thank you Meena, the poem reflects my restlessness (that I need to sit with). I know struggle with balance, in terms of balancing the ‘yang’ of energy and the ‘yin’ of passivity too well.
But I sense a disconnect, deep down from the world, in its frenetic activity…
And I sense this in Tagore, Krisnamurti, and many other great spirits. So I guess it helps to see this before I have to return from the inside and restore the balance almost moments before it sends me into becoming a reclusive. :)

It’s true, I am frequently distracted in the hive of mental activity. I fail to notice till long after, just how distracted I became. But I don’t beat myself up over it anymore. I simply take a big shrug and go back to the chopping wood / carrying water.

And here, I recall your previous expression of wonderful stillness and seeing, the movement of the trees, the language of the wind (I think you called it). This is what I need. This true awareness where even the observer and observing are no longer distinct, but one, in the act of un-distracted observation.

I returned to the Tate again today , this time with my camera which stops me in my tracks like nothing else.

The snowdrops are nudging the wet earth I believe…I can feel them

The Tate building is wonderful in itself, photographic architecture, location and the inscriptions. I imagine it draws many art students along from the nearby college to fine hone their crafts.

Keep warm Andrea, and have a great time in Dubai.

Yes, and we are most productive when our minds are at peace. Meditation brings peace, which is essential for happiness and fulfilment.
Everyday life nowadays can be quite stressful and leads to constant anxiety. I suppose that explains the discontentment that I see around me all the time.

What was it Krishnamurti said….

Do you know what it means to be
discontented? It is very difficult to
understand discontent, because most of us canalize discontent in a certain direction and thereby smother it. That is, our only concern is to establish ourselves in a secure position with well- established interests and prestige, so as not to be disturbed. It happens in homes and in schools too. The teachers don’t want to be disturbed, and that is why they follow the old routine; because the moment one is really discontented and begins to inquire, to question, there is bound to be disturbance. But it is only through real discontent that one has initiative.

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