Eliza’s Eyes (Reprise)

This version is a lighter caressing to the original piece, in rejoice, in reprise. However it remains a love song, an endless song, without words.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

12 replies on “Eliza’s Eyes (Reprise)”

sitting here listening….
I could see the light of day fading…and you tilting your head as if feeling every note you hear in between thoughts
must feel wonderful to create a love song…one that is felt by the listener…
Beautiful….as always…

even better the second time…
I will probably dream with this inside my mind…

Thank you Mary, for your generous comment. You’ve put your finger on it. This is a song of love and longing, and at the same time a tenderness in coming to terms with that which is, what will be and cannot be changed. So acceptance and letting go, that ends in a harmonic kiss.

needed to come and listen …I really like this…
Thank you for sharing your music….

I realised from the age of 12, it’s better not to push at music, rather hold the guitar and see what follows… better still to play
one note and mean it than playing zillions of scales and not mean it…

This piece always lifts my spirits. I often play it on days when I have a very early start and am low on energy.
I’ve converted it to mp3 as well (my phone doesn’t play wave sadly), so that I can listen to it on the underground on long journeys =)

Thank you for taking the time to convert this, and for the comment. I could have made the track playable on mp3, but I’m a self confessed audiophile. By that I mean I enjoy the distinctive recording process in 44,000htz and from there I mix down to a single ‘wav’ or ‘flac’ lossless file. I guess I feel that sound should be as filter free as possible, whenever possible, even the mistakes. :)

Yes, I agree and it’s for that reason I wish that my phone would play wave files! I think all new Samsung phones don’t.
I listen to the wave version when I have my laptop with me =)

Wave is about right, I think of frequency (probably too much) and relate it to physical and emotional states I am in when I’m playing any part or instrument. I believe music is a dynamic interplay of tension and release. I found this dynamic most clearly and profoundly with movements of Bach, in particular his Concerto N°3. Sometimes I find myself dancing and dreaming to his music and I don’t want to get off this wave… it’s caught me.

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