Soul Man

Soul Man

Soul Man started four years ago, as an unfinished horizon, since then the painting has gained spirit in time and energy. Its inspiration (and aspiration) was from the outset to connect with other painters / dreamers who dream, or are attempting to realise their dreams, in paintings. Are we not all dreamers and painters?

In reflection, a painting is like a mirror, revealing both the sacred and the profane, the spiritual and the materialistic, within ourselves. Maybe it restores us? I ask myself what good is a painting if it doesn’t return us to a quiet and authentic place in the world, that allows us to breath, away from trivialities that suffocate our being.

So I’ve decide to take stock, to take a “breather”, sensing within that everything must end. Nothing goes on for ever. And yet, nothing is forever lost. A paradox of life and death perhaps. More important is a sense of gratitude. I thank you dearly, for supporting me in this vision and for those who offered guidance and intuition from the beginning. Thank you.


By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

8 replies on “Soul Man”

Soul man you live
You live and you dream
You dream and you breath
You are soul man and yes
Soul man flies.

Soul Man takes a leap of faith and learns he has wings …
someone with wings has a voice to sing
I look forward to the music….:)

interesting visual to make one look at different angles…
as if breathing through the many pieces of you, each different and unique ..
I hope all is well in your world…I have been visiting Alice and the Mad Hatter
and came up for air…I like the silence…I could even hear myself breathe…

Take Care…You Matter …

That sounds intriguing. Alice in Wonderland is my daughters favourite bedtime story. A quirky and creative world I think we should all inhabit once in a while if only to see the unconscious mind at work. Maybe this the key to a gaining perspective of the ‘self’ which is seldom seen but always shining.
Shine on Mary!

and on another return trip from there…
would you believe I have never read the book..
my mom was an advent reader and I got the same bug…
but The Hobbit and Alice In Wonderland she never would let me read…
I asked her once why and she said because I would understand them
strange answer…one day I will read them I think..I have them both
but in the mean time I will wander there once in awhile…
I like the thought that quirky and imaginative worlds give us perspective of self…
it does me…though sometimes its hard to look in that mirror…I wrote about grieving this time when I came up…a little different for me…

Hope you’re doing okay…I keep seeing the rains and snow on the weather for y’all..
Take Care…You Matter Stay Warm!

Thank you once again Mary for your gentle and insightful words. I guess childhood classics, like Alice, rekindles a certain belief in magic and possible happy-ever-afters. I see this in my children’s eyes as they plough through the books of their years.

As children they are looking for something, hope perhaps, or just the seeds of hope, every good story I’ve read has these seeds to begin with. Even in moments of tragedy and loss, the imagination seeded with hope will continue on reading – believing.

I suggest the ingredients that nurture the young soul is the same for us as we become older. Perhaps there is always this child within… what do you think?

I agree..if we remember that innocence in wonder instead of logic of why’s
the world would be in a much better space…think if we remembered trees laugh, flowers and plants sing , animals talk to us and didn’t listen to when we were told it was time to grow up and stop the nonsense ( though I still hear them :) )

my first book ( and sorry if I am repeating myself) that I left this world as I read
was second grade …”James and the Giant Peach”
I “accidentally ” lost it and found it many years later…in my mom’s bookshelves…she never said a word, just paid for it….I still have it today, it is a treasure to keep …

I like your thought that every good book whether in tragedy or joy is a seed planted in our imagination…I like that thought a lot…

Thank you for gifting me with such a smile today that will no doubt carry for a long while…
Take Care Lee….You Matter…

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